The RMAX model distinguishes itself for its Racing characteristics and represents the top of the Rental product range. Safety remains the main value and priority for a product intended for those who want to enrich their rental kart fleet with a vehicle capable of providing extraordinary performance, combined with great reliability. Equipped with the most advanced shock-absorbing solutions (most notably the perimeter protection and dual protection system), the RMAX allows even less experienced users to step into the shoes of a real kart racer.

Furthermore, TBKART’s sport model, which is ideal both in traditional “free practice” sessions and in competitions organized by groups of friends or Rental Championships, it also proves to be an added value in corporate events intended for team building. Such a stimulating Rental kart is the perfect tool for challenging oneself and stepping out of one’s comfort zone in the course of an adrenaline-pumping activity.

Thanks to its versatility, the RMAX is able to accommodate a variety of users and anyone can tailor the optimal driving position by using the multiple adjustment options of seat and pedals. The soul of a Racing kart coexists with the solid structure of a Rental kart, making the newest model of the TBKART line the one chosen for the TBKART International Ranking.

The RMAX was developed precisely with the primary objective of satisfying all those drivers who are “looking for something more” in terms of performance, all without losing sight of the qualities – inherited from the R25 – relating to ease of maintenance it can offer. In essence, the RMAX represents a unique product for track operators, capable of meeting the needs of a new segment in the market and building loyalty in the medium to long term.

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