According to the manufacturers, helmets should be replaced every three (3) years. If you are unsure of the condition of your helmet or if it needs to be replaced, please call or email us for information.




• It is important to always keep the helmet clean. Neglected outer surface, paint and inner lining can compromise the level of safety your helmet offers.

• Do not make any changes to the helmet. Any change to the outer shell can cause impact cracking. Always use genuine spare parts to ensure your helmet is always in top condition.

• Do not apply paint, stickers, gasoline and other chemical solvents.

• Do not expose the helmet to temperatures greater than 50 °. Keep it away from heat sources such as radiators, exhausts, etc

• Store the helmet in a safe and dry place, check its settings periodically and repeat before use if necessary.

• The helmet is designed and manufactured to absorb the energy caused by impacts. After any accident or impact involving the helmet itself, it is recommended that it be inspected by qualified personnel and replaced if necessary.






To clean the outer surface of the helmet, use a soft cloth with water and a small amount of mild soap (do not use synthetic products, chemicals or benzine). Allow to dry in a well-ventilated area away from heat sources. There are even specific products that can be used if your helmet requires a more thorough cleaning.




To clean the outer gelatin and/or the inner smoked gelatin, use a microfibre cloth, suitable for sensitive surfaces (so as not to leave scratches), in combination with a special cleaner for gelatins. Otherwise, warm water and some mild soap.


For a more thorough cleaning, remove the gel from the helmet, soak it in warm water with a little mild soap and dry it with a clean cloth suitable for sensitive surfaces.




The removable interior can be washed by hand or in the washing machine (maximum temperature 30 °).


For immediate and deep cleaning, use special helmet cleaning foams.


Alternatively, remove the inner parts, making sure that the parts made of polystyrene do not come into contact with water. Once the internal parts are removed, if you decide to hand wash them, use a multipurpose microfiber cloth. Run it over the protective elements (disassembled) and into the helmet with a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water, then rinse the cloth several times and repeat the process.


If you decide to wash them in the washing machine, this can be done in warm water (maximum 30 °), using mild soap as a detergent.


Remember to let the inner parts dry away from any direct heat sources (avoid hair dryers or heaters), in a dry and well-ventilated area. After washing, to prevent the formation of mold and unpleasant odors, all internal parts must be thoroughly dried before using the helmet again.

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