Helmet LS2 Jink Black-Yellow

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The LS2 FF320 Stream Evo is a full-face helmet, providing complete protection for the entire head and jaw. For this reason, this type of helmet is considered the safest and most durable for both long trips and city commutes. It is made of thermoplastic, a tough material, heavier compared to other materials. It secures with a microlock type closure, allowing for easy and quick fastening. The helmet is certified with European safety standards “ECE 22.05”, ensuring it has been tested for impact, crash, and object penetration. It is pinlock ready, meaning there is the option to install an additional visor component to help prevent fogging during the winter months. The anti-fog membrane is not included in the package. Additionally, it features a sun visor, an internal sun protection membrane, like glasses, for protection from the sun.
Weight (+/-50 gr): 1550gr
Closure: Microlock
Additional Features: Sun Visor, Removable/Washable Interior, Chin Curtain, Wind Deflector
Users who have purchased it primarily distinguish it because it offers good material quality and is worth its price.
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