Safety is one of the main expectations that our customers have. For our company, it is a fundamental requirement that we have from our staff and our equipment that our customers remain completely calm and satisfied.


For this reason we have selected the top go karts, Sodi RT-8. SODIKART, a French company that has been manufacturing go karts since 1981, has supplied over 1000 tracks around the world with its unmatched quality products.


SODIKART is constantly working to improve the quality of its products and is the first go-kart manufacturer in the world to invest, following the example of the major car manufacturers, in research and study through crash-tests in collaboration with organizations such as UTAC (Union Technique de l'Automobile du motorcycle et du Cycle).


The company Go Kart Center would like to inform you, that the use of balaclava is now mandatory for all drivers, based on the law 20531 D1a/G.P. ok 32009 published in the F.E.K. 20531, clause 1988/23-5-2020. If you have your own balaclava or helmet, you can bring and use them, otherwise balaclavas are provided at the price of €3.


We provide our customers with a helmet and a neck protector. he SODI LR4 & LR5 children's go karts feature an adjustable bucket seat, adjustable pedals and adjustable handlebar height, roll bar headrests and seat belts, achieving total ergonomics for an ideal driving position in an impressive kart.


The SODI LR4 & LR5 have been adopted by most driving schools worldwide for young drivers in order to take their first steps in kart racing. Taking safety one step further at our track, we have installed a telemetry system, that allows us to set the engine power to 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or even turn it off remotely.


SODI go kart LR4 & LR5 ... Unique racing models ...