SWS Championship

Discover a new world with the Sodi World Series and feel the real thrill of a go kart pilot during a go kart race, having fun on the Go Kart Center track!


If you are looking for intense entertainment, fun and adrenaline doses, “SWS” was made for you!


The idea is simple!


Through an international network of over 455 Go Kart loyalists in 98 countries around the globe, "SWS" offers over 62000 drivers the opportunity to sit in the seat of a go kart and participate in go kart rental events throughout of the year, everyone at their own pace!


With no obligations, no pressing schedules, on the Go Kart Center track or any of the most exciting tracks around the planet, you can have fun alone or compete with your friends.


Drive and earn points after each race and improve your ranking in the SWS championship.


Check your progress and ranking daily on the Sodi World Series website.


See your full personal statistics and compare your performance with your friends or with other drivers from all over the world!


Open to all, the SODI World Series is one big celebration of go karting, and the best of you will be given the chance to test your driving skills against the best from around the world during the Sodi World Finals !


To become a part of the Sodi World Series, all you have to do is register for free, choose the racing category that suits you and stick the gas pedal to the floor!