What does the warranty cover?


If a warranty-covered defect is found within 2 years from the date of purchase, Go Kart Center will repair or replace the defective product through the partner network after verifying the defect.


Exclusions and Limitations of Coverage


The warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship.


The company Go Kart Center cannot be held responsible for any product defects due to any other cause. For example:


• Damage caused by improper use, neglect and/or internal and external wear and tear.

• Scratches, abrasions, or other damage caused to the exterior painted parts of the helmet due to falls.

• Scratches, abrasions, paint or other damage caused to the helmet due to impacts or lack of proper cleaning.

• Damages caused by the application of stickers and/or glue.

• Damages resulting from accidents.

Any changes or modifications to the helmet or equipment by the user or third parties.

• Damages resulting from any type of paint / varnish applied to the product by the user or by third parties.

Discoloration or damage caused by exposure to harmful chemicals.

• Color changes or damage caused by exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources.

• Changes in the fluorescent colors used in the graphics on some models as a result of direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

• The use of incompatible accessories or other accessories not sold by Go Kart Center.

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